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Meet Ruby! MSGL’s New(ish) Senior Program Coordinator

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Most of you know me by now, but for those who don’t: my name is Ruby G. Stevens and I’m the Senior Program Coordinator (or as I was initially introduced, the “New Suzy”) for the MSGL Program. I worked for USD’s Undergraduate Admissions Office for over 2 years and have been with the MSGL program for 10 months now. I’m originally from Arizona, earned a B.A. in Global Studies from ASU, moved to San Diego because my husband is in the NAVY, and have a 2-year old son.

Ruby G. Stevens, MSGL Senior Program Coordinator

Ruby G. Stevens
MSGL Senior Program Coordinator

Besides, formally introducing myself, I wanted to talk to you about why I genuinely enjoy my job. I jumped at the opportunity to blog about it. I’m of a generation that finds a thrill with sharing an experience with others on social media, I guess. Back to why this job is awesome: working with students is a passion of mine and it’s professionally fulfilling to see a student start from the application process and be there to shake their hand at graduation. There’s not many programs on campus, or anywhere else, that give employees the satisfaction of seeing a student go through their entire graduate program, from start to finish. MSGL is unique from the inside out; from the staff, to the professors, to the students, to the alums: we are just different and we embrace it.

Also, I’m very blessed to have a great team (Stephanie, Scott and Brett) that support my quirky requests and don’t judge me for having a pink notepad and my own water dispenser. They encourage me to be creative and laugh whenever I have “another question”. They now know I get this weird excitement when organizing the “behind-the-scenes” details for our events; whether it be for First Week, Last Week or weekly class sessions. The best part of my job, though: I get to truly know our students. I know who prefers tea over coffee, who’s having a baby, and even know when to order extra protein for lunch because they are on a strict diet.  I think I was programmed to find joy in organizing and tying small niceties together to make our program successful and make our students happy.

I hope to make your MSGL experience a positive and friendly one. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or stop by my office!

The MSGL Program is excited to have Ruby on board. She can be reached at