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MSGL in Austere Places All Over the World

August 19, 2013 Leave a comment

ALUMNI UPDATE: Last July we wrote a post about John Boyer (MSGL ’08) and current MSGL Student, Eli Abbott and the work they were doing for Afghan Vision Group (AVG). Since then, life has changed quite a bit for John and Eli. The two global entrepreneurs are now running KVG. KVG, in short, “is a proven provider of goods and services in austere places around the world. With a presence in the most unforgiving locations, KVG leads in expeditionary procurement with a diverse global supplier network, accurate sourcing, and superior customer service. From Myanmar to the Kyrgyz Republic, Afghanistan to Libya, KVG is the force multiplier you need to support your operation.”. Check out their new website and facebook page. John and Eli, keep up the great work!



From China to Afghanistan: Applying MSGL Strategies to a Global Supply Chain

July 2, 2012 Leave a comment

John Boyer (MSGL ’08), General Manager of the Afghan Vision Group (AVG) and current MSGL Student Eli Abbott (Cohort 57), AVG’s Chief Operations Officer, are featured in this photo that was taken last Tuesday night at the AVG factory in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Eli was in town visiting and auditing the supply chain coordination between purchasing activities in China and current inventory levels in Kabul.  Keeping this process logistically sound in a land-locked, war-torn country, according to John, can be a constant headache.  This photo was taken on one of the production floors of the factory. The other gentleman featured with John and Eli are the factory Managers.  Be safe, John and Eli.

John Boyer (MSGL '08) is featured second from the left and current student, Eli Abbott (Cohort 57) is featured second from the right.

John Boyer (MSGL ’08) is featured second from the left and current student, Eli Abbott (Cohort 57) is featured second from the right.

RaptorCom Competes in USD Business Plan Competition by CEO Jerry Lang

RaptorCom, a Computer Networking company recently competed in the third annual USD Business Plan Competition held in the IPJ Theater May 7th. The Business Plan Competition was a good exercise in understanding what Angel and VC investors look for in a start-up.

The competition was a one-credit course covering an Executive Summary, Business Plan and Power Point presentation to several panels of judges. Each competitor received feedback on his or her plan over the course of three months and each competitor was assigned a Mentor based on area of need.

As graduate students in the Masters of Science in Global Leadership Program, Chad Faes and I co-founded RaptorCom after identifying a need to reduce the expensive costs of Cellular Roaming charges notably in the International arena after attending a study abroad course in Argentina covering Strategic Management and Planning.

RaptorCom partnered with Agito Networks to fulfill this need by offering a solution that pushes the cellular call over the free WiFi network eliminating the high cost of roaming charges while improving call quality at the same time. RaptorCom is working with several Fortune 1000 customers on this solution in the San Diego and Orange County markets.

RaptorCom is currently seeking a Social Media Intern focused on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. If interested, please contact us at 760-593-7510.