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My MSGL Experience: Ryan Clardy (MSGL ’11) Recalls Life Before, During and After His Time in the Program

The MSGL Program was one of the best decisions I have ever made but for many more reasons than just receiving my Masters Degree.  For starters, the curriculum was “real world” based, not just text book reading and the ability to regurgitate what you read.  A few perfect examples of this are the professors themselves, several of whom have had substantial success in their professional fields and are now taking an active role as educators.  Or the capstone project, where my cohort got to work with Taylor Dunn to help devise a strategy around launching their products in various European markets.  These examples were valuable to applying what we were learning in the MSGL Program to our personal professional endeavors.

Of course the best experience I had in MSGL program was the 2 weeks abroad studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  That was the experience of a lifetime!  We studied several companies, but the one I enjoyed the most was Wal-Mart Argentina.  We toured their headquarters; met with their CFO, and received great insight into the challenges that a large retailer has in Latin America and the strategies they have in place to overcome them.  Not to mention that the city, people, and culture were incredible!

Ryan Clardy (far right) is a 2011 MSGL Graduate. He was a member of Cohort 50.

Ryan Clardy (far right) is a 2011 MSGL Graduate. He was a member of Cohort 50.

I have been with Automatic Data Processing for nearly 8 years and was there during my tenure as an MSGL Student. I started as an Account Manager for small businesses right out of college in 2005.  I would work with small companies on various outsourcing service projects, but since completing the MSGL Program I have been promoted to Automatic Data Processing’s Major Accounts division where I am now the District Manager of the Central Coast of California. I work with companies now that have roughly a few hundred to a thousand employees and consult on outsourcing services to help global integration, new market entry, compliance, and the overall strategic initiatives of the company.  Having completed the MSGL Program helped me immensely in getting my promotion.

I would recommend the MSGL program to anyone, but to be more specific anyone looking to grow and differentiate themselves while they further their careers.  I had a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and rather than choosing the MBA route, I wanted something that had a little more focus on the global side of business and one that would separate me from everyone else who had an MBA.  The MSGL Program was perfect!  Not only did I establish friendships the will last a life time, experience studying abroad, learn from great professors, and get my degree, but I was able to get ahead quickly and make myself much more valuable and marketable in my professional career.

For more information regarding the MSGL Program, please contact the Marketing and Recruitment Manager, Scott Handley at handley@sandiego.edu.  

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