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Customer service: A frequently overlooked benefit of the MSGL program

Most people that have ever worked in a professional environment know that there is that one person you know who can always get things done faster and more efficiently than anyone else.  You know that ridiculously helpful individual that knows all the right people and leverages that knowledge to get something approved or processed so much faster than you could ever hope to do on your own.  If you have ever experienced this dynamic then you understand how much time and frustration that person can save you and how much more effectively you can do your own job.  These people are exceptionally valuable and I have always tried to identify who they are and to be as nice to them as possible.

A crucial and often overlooked bonus of MSGL is that everyone I interacted with during my 16 months there was this kind of person.  The academic requirements of a Masters Degree especially while trying to balance a full time job and other personal obligations can be quite painful.   Compound that with having to deal with paperwork for financial offices, technology issues, and general administrative things such as the location of Olin Hall and you may have the straws that break a grad student’s back.

A personal example of this situation came when I ran into a glitch with my VA funding with student accounts.  I am naturally a hard headed person and instead of asking for assistance from the MSGL staff I spent well over a week trying to resolve it on my own.  When I mentioned my issue and general frustration to a member of MSGL staff I saw an e-mail within hours showing that the problem was solved.  This is just a singular example of the level of assistance I received throughout my time in the course but it was the first time that I realized how beneficial it was.  I cannot think of an occasion where an e-mail or phone call took longer than a business day to be answered.  This is more remarkable if one thinks that at any time the MSGL staff is working with approximately 100 other students going through the program, prospective MSGL candidates, and of course needy grads like myself.

A degree in Global Leadership can help you with several aspects of your life, but you will have a difficult time getting there without help.

So next time you get that helpful response or assist from John, Stephanie, Sam, Melinda, Suzy or Bob; realize that it is by no means the standard practice for a lot of programs and should certainly not be taken for granted.

Justin Parker is a graduate of Cohort 51, where he served as Cohort Leader.  He works for Sentek Global Consulting.

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