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Harbor Cruise 2011: Food, Drinks and Fun

By Kim Ngyuen

It’s no secret that last year’s school-sponsored harbor cruise was boring, but this year, at the urging of some of my cohort mates, I agreed to attend.  I mean, why wouldn’t I go on a free boat ride with people I like?

So there we were, quietly boarding the ship, clutching our drink tickets, and taking our free glass of champagne (don’t mind if I do!), unsure of what to expect.  We eventually wandered to the upper deck where we found our friends and chatted about such topics as graduation, and, of course, who we could peer pressure into jumping overboard.  (No one took the bait.  Peer pressure doesn’t work with headstrong leadership students.)

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To cover the food aspect of our evening, servers would periodically drop by our area with trays of delicious appetizers.  I’m not talking about crackers and cheese, my friends.  They served bacon-wrapped scallops (my fave) and skewers of portobello mushroom and beef!  SO. GOOD.  They also had breaded artichoke hearts and mushroom brushchetta, also good, though I never caught myself scampering after a server for more.  But those scallops!  It was everything I could do not to grab five at a time, so imagine my delight when they kept coming back around with fresh trays of them.  I swoon at the thought.

Soon after the ship pulled away from the pier, Dean Pyke delivered a rousing speech in which he recognized each of the SBA programs, their respective students in attendance, and faculty.  As we cheered for our ourselves and our program, I felt such an overwhelming sense of closeness among the SBA community – and in particular among the MSGL gems who were there.  It made me so glad I had chosen our program, because I had such a great learning experience and made amazing new friends.

Once the deejay began playing some tunes, a “couple” of professors and a certain program director joined us on the dance floor as we all flailed our arms and jumped around wildly to the genius spins of such artists as deadmau5 and LMFAO. A brave MBA student even showed us how he Dougie’d, which, let’s be honest, put us all to shame.  You can’t teach those moves in a class!

Some of the students we met that night were members of cohort 55 – the freshies – about to embark on their exciting journey through MSGL. Meeting them, and knowing the 16 months of fun (and hard work) they had ahead of them, was really cool.  They all have different stories to offer, and yet somehow they are together in the same place my cohort was in just 17 months ago.

I know I speak for a lot of the MSGLers there that night when I say we look forward to getting to know you all, at future events, in Buenos Aires, or on other SBA trips!  See you soon!

Kim Nguyen is a member of cohort 51 and recently completed the MS in Global Leadership program.  She works as a consultant at OC International.  Find out more about Kim at our Alumni Profiles page.

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