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Cohort 54’s Executive Mentor – Mike Richardson

Cohort 54, the newest cohort to join the MSGL program has something that none of the other cohorts have:  an Executive Mentor.

What is an Executive Mentor you might say?  Actually it is many things.

In our case, our Executive Mentor is Mr. Mike Richardson, a scientist turned engineer turned manager, executive and CEO turned facilitator, chair of CEO peer groups and keynote speaker.

Mike is also British turned American with an MBA from London Business School and diverse international experience. Mike is dedicated to cracking the code of organizational agility for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, making possible tomorrow what seems impossible today, in business and in life.

He is the head of a consulting business called “In the Driving Seat” where he has designed tools to allow you to shrink your organizational OODA Loop and rev-up your Fast-Cycle Teamwork for the organizational agility we need these days to be future-proofing our business.

His role with our cohort is as advisor, mentor, networking professional, and in many cases our friend.  I was lucky enough to attend part of a meeting chaired by Mike for an organization called Vistage.

Vistage is a global executive network of information, resources and contacts. It is a global community for approximately 16,000 executives nationwide. It provides peer learning in a diverse, noncompetitive group shares ideas and strategies and is confidential and trusted. The group I visited was local San Diego and had about 20 Executives in attendance.

It was an engaging morning and quite memorable with a wonderful presentation by Boaz Rauchwerger.  Boaz is a renowned inspirational speaker whose presented 5 very simple ideas for anyone in business to use to increase your contacts and bottom line.  It was 3 hours very well spent (plus included a free lunch and breakfast – can’t beat that).  More importantly, getting to interact with local San Diego CEO’s from all walks of life was invaluable.

You can see from my description that Mike Richardson is an exceptional resource for our cohort and for MSGL.  In fact, one member of our cohort has already utilized him to review a business plan for a possible upcoming business. Mike did this willingly, taking time from his busy life to do this in the evening and provided some excellent suggestions which I know my cohort colleague will be incorporating.

Cohort 54 has been very busy working on projects for our various professors. Sometimes you forget that MSGL is not just studying, test, papers and presentations.  It goes way beyond that with speakers, overseas trips and things like Executive Mentors.

MSGL is dedicated to making you successful whatever path you chose to follow.  If you are looking at a career change, need help setting up a business, or just want to meet and share ideas with a successful and knowledgeable business man, please consider talking to Mike Richardson.

Rich Sluys is the cohort leader for MSGL Cohort 54 and works for Northrop Grumman as a Marketing Manager with Northrop’s Charlottesville, VA division.  His Business Unit produces products for naval vessels that are in use all over the world.  At 77 years old he is one of the oldest members to participate in the MSGL course.

He claims that they didn’t have Internet when he was growing up but no one believes him.   In his free time, he likes riding Trikes and is the proud owner of two Greenspeeds, a GTO that he intends to ride around the world one of these days and a GT5 – which he rides just for fun.

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