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Alumni in the Spotlight – TJ Mayotte

TJ Mayotte, Cohort 41 , March 2008

  • Job Title: Analyst for Systems Planning and Analysis, working as a Cyber Analyst at the Defense Damage Assessment Management Office.
  • Responsibilities: After a major defense contractor has a cyber intrusion on its networks, the Damage Assessment Management Office examines the compromised data in order to determine any negative effects on DoD programs or need to adjust acquisition strategy. I use a variety of forensic tools to comb through large amounts of data, looking to determine what DoD programs might be affected in the incident and then informing the relevant military Service.
  • Personal: Raising an active toddler, blogging and/or writing, skiing (Editor’s note: follow TJ on Twitter at @tjmayotte)

“Since my graduation from MSGL and transition to the civilian (real?) world, I’ve been amazed at how often I’m able to apply things I learned in the classroom. Coming out of the program, I felt at least “cocktail conversant” in everything from negotiation to international finance. I’ve been able to successfully navigate a variety of challenging environments thanks to both the ethical and leadership training I gained from the faculty at USD. When I discuss other graduate programs with co-workers, I also come away glad that I found MSGL for everything it did for me, and everything it continues to do.”

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