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How Grad School has Helped Me: MSGL in the Workplace

By Julia Ann Keneipp

As the director of the International Division of a medical device firm, the curriculum of the MSGL program has already proved tremendously useful for my current position. The rapidly changing technological advances in radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging have fueled the demand for facilities to add or replace equipment at record levels. This has caused an increase in competitive players and a drastic change in the industry landscape. As such, the requirements are evolving for individuals and organizations to perform at higher levels.

Two of the MSGL courses that have proved tremendously helpful have been MSGL 507 (Understanding Organizations) and MSGL 523 (Finance for Global Business). The Understanding Organizations class helped me identify deficiencies within my organization, resulting in an internal push to increase operational efficiency. The Finance course assisted greatly in building proforma profit and loss models in order to analyze the potential profitability of current and future investment projects in Latin America. My team’s analysis (in addition to other factors) resulted in a 10-year project in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. The project consists of building a radiation therapy treatment facility in collaboration with an engineering firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I look forward to graduation, and more importantly, to the opportunity to further apply the knowledge acquired during the program to both present and future business opportunities.

Julia works as an international medical device sales professional. She recently returned from a study abroad trip to Argentina with several MSGL students who benefitted from her ability to speak the native tongue and negotiate group rates for incredible steak and red wine dinners.

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