The Next Chapter

Life has a tendency to throw you various curve balls that put things into perspective.  As I reached my 4-year anniversary at Bank of America, I realized that my career wasn’t going in the direction I had hoped and it wasn’t something I was passionate about.  The one thing I knew was that I wanted to go to business school and broaden my understanding of international affairs.  I looked at various MBA curricula and in my search I discovered the MS in Global Leadership program.  What sparked my interest was that this program was a combination of traditional MBA style course work with an emphasis on ethics, leadership, and culture.  I applied and began my journey through Aristotelian concepts of ethics and leadership, cultural considerations of doing business abroad, to understanding the fundamentals of project management, business strategy, and finance.  Through these various courses, I was able to take the theoretical frameworks and transform them into practical applications in the business world.

As my scholastic life began to transition so did my understanding of what I wanted to do professionally.  The MSGL program opened my eyes to see the business world through a different lens, something that was entirely different than the corporate hierarchal framework I was used to.  I started applying for positions in California that I felt would allow me to be utilize my degree while still being able to be creative, flexible, and innovative in some kind of cultural or international capacity.  I began the gruesome task of interviewing with multiple companies that I felt were a great fit with my personality and what I believed represented my future career path.

On Monday of my final week in the MSGL program, I landed a job at Intuit, a global software company, headquartered in Mountain View, CA, working in a creative environment that connected me with various people and cultures from around the world.  I’m sure that there were multiple candidates that applied for this position, including traditional MBA’s but I really felt that the MSGL program allowed me to stand out from the crowd and get my foot in the door.  What helped me land the job was not only my professional experience but also my educational background because I was able to provide Intuit with a global mindset.

As our world becomes increasingly flattened, as Thomas Friedman would say, we all have to understand how quickly technology is taking us from an 8 to 5 behind a desk job to a more virtual and international environment.  We have now come to a pivotal point in our decade where the traditional job is not so traditional anymore.  The MSGL program gave me the tools to face this reality and become successful.  All the academic and mental challenges, professor influence, and group interactions both in class, virtually, or in the study abroad program helped me grow from a person who was once content with just having a job to someone who is inspired and now wants to learn more about how social, political and economic challenges affects business interactions and how I can utilize my experience in MSGL to become a visionary leader in my personal and professional lives.

Henry Thoreau once said, “ Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” I am awake and beginning a life long dream.

Bridget Lopez is a University of San Diego graduate of Cohort 48 and works for global software giant Intuit, Inc.

  1. Angel
    April 19, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    Hi! As an MBA prospect, I have been seeking the best overall MBA program evaluating: cost, curriculum, ranking, future employment opportunities, etc. While reading your post I realized how closely our situations are – searching for a new career direction and not passionate about what I’m currently doing. While seeking a graduate program, I came across USD MSGL and applied, and was accepted into the August 2011 cohort. I wanted to know if you could share deeper insights into the program, and what it has done for you professionally and personally. As you probably experienced, I have been accepted into the MSGL program in addition to MBA programs at University of Scranton and Northeastern University. I’m going through a difficult time – I’m doing it to myself – over which program will provide me with the best overall package and will allow me unlimited opportunities in various industries including management consulting. Any suggestions on how best to approach this? : ) Do you think the MBA really matters nowadays?

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