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A consultant’s view on MSGL first week

On Monday, May 17, MSGL Cohort 51 met for their first in house class sessions.  Although the course had officially started almost a month ago, this was the first time that all of the students would get to interact with their Professors and cohort members face to face.  These classes were also unique in that it would be only one of two times that all the students (to include the distance learners) would be in the same place over the next 15 months, and that we were going to jam 48 hours of classes into six straight days.  For me, this was an opportunity to get to know the people that I would be depending on to get me through this, knock off the academic ring rust that had accumulated over the past 9 years, and most importantly……learn something.

I was happy to see that our Cohort was made up of a great diverse group that bought several different perspectives on virtually every aspect of discussion.  The week was challenging and there were a lot of times where I felt I was barely grasping things.  Thankfully, we quickly formed into a group of people that were there to help each other and I quickly saw that the program was designed to do just that.

MSGL is a leadership degree and to learn how to be an effective leader you not only need to know what is being taught in the books and lecture halls, but how to successfully interact with people while serving in a variety of roles.  Just after a little over a month of instruction and one full week in class I already see myself positively instituting the principles and knowledge that I have already picked up in class in my professional life.  This is, of course, one of the main reasons why I signed up for MSGL and so far I have not regretted it.

Justin Parker is a consultant for Sentek Global and is currently enrolled as a student in MSGL Cohort 51.  Justin earned his undergraduate degree in Human Factors Engineering at the US Air Force Academy in 2002.  In his free time he enjoys running, cooking, and doing quizzes for MSGL 506. 🙂

  1. Kim
    June 14, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    As another member of Cohort 51, I think Justin did a great job of summarizing the first week of classes. For me it was great week of friend-making and self-reflection. There was also so information to absorb, but every last drop of it was fascinating and relevant to our diverse community and the international marketplace. I spent two years searching for a program like this one – the perfect blend of global business, international relations, and leadership studies – and I couldn’t be happier that I found it.

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